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IM Solutions, LLC has been providing Internet marketing services specifically to the legal profession since 1999.
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Legal Advertising Management Client Testimonials

“I want to do business with IMS until the end of time! You have an awesome product. We have worked the leads hard and have had fabulous results. In fact, IMS has put us over the top in our market. The LMS system is terrific. It provides a count-on-able structure for working the leads. We couldn’t have produced the results we have without the LMS system.”
Merrill Schneider, Schneider Law

"Our law firm started working with IM Solutions, LLC in August-September 2007 and have since been inundated with new client leads for personal injury cases, many of which turned into lucrative clients. Our business has thrived since doing business with IM Solutions, LLC and we look forward to working with them for the indefinite future. Their business model attracts and drives internet traffic to our law firm and results in new regular clients. IM Solutions, LLC is a must-have marketing asset for any company that wants to grow its business."
Becker, Kellogg & Berry
Brandon Gladstone, Esquire

"I have been with IM Solutions since February, 2008. During the first month of working with IMS, I received 27 inquiries from potential auto accident and worker’s compensation clients. Last month I received 50 inquires from potential new clients. On average, we convert about 20% of these inquiries into new clients and by talking to the other people we create good will and potential future referral sources out of the ones who do not retain us.

Over the years I have tried a number of marketing approaches. Television was so expensive that it barely paid for itself. Television advertising consumed entirely too much time in coming up with new ads to keep it fresh, seemed to demean the profession, and even though I tried to produce informative commercials it made some people group our office with firms that I consider to be ambulance chasers. Telephone book advertising seems necessary, but the books are expensive and are increasingly filled with attorneys and new sub-categories for which you have to separately pay.

IMS, on the other hand, has consistently produced results at a very reasonable price. Without any reservation, I can say that IMS has been the best advertising that we have ever used."

Bretz Law Offices, LLC
Matthew L. Bretz

"I just wanted to drop you a short note to let you know how much I appreciate the service you and your company provide and how glad I am to be doing business with you.

Over the nearly four years that we have been doing business, your company has done the best job of any Internet-based marketing company in delivering high quality prospective clients to our firm. I also appreciate the way in which you have been able to adjust the volume of case leads and the types of case leads that we see so that it matches the nature of our practice best. I have spoken with or tried just about every one of your competitors, and your company has been able to deliver the highest and most consistent return on investment of anyone I have dealt with. On top of that, you and your staff have been nothing but pleasant to deal with — I feel like I have a partner in you instead of someone who is just trying empty my pockets as quickly as possible.

When we look at our marketing plan and budget each year, the money that we spend on your company is one of the non-negotiable items – because it is worth every penny!"

Law Offices of Barry G. Doyle, P.C.
Barry Doyle

"I have been using IM Solutions, LLC., Dave Cooke and John Emerick, for approximately three (3) years. As any seasoned Personal Injury lawyer knows, it is very difficult to get good cases in today’s market at a reasonable price. This internet service more than meets my expectations. Quite Frankly, it has been a Gift.

At a reasonable fee, I have been able to get a reasonable share of decent cases each month. Sometimes I will get a case that more than pays for my yearly expense to use IM Solutions, LLC. I would be very sorry if I ever lost the comfort and profits from this solution. Dave Cooke, John Emerick and their staff have always been very helpful with any problem that I might have had.

In simple language, this service has been a blessing that I accidently stumbled on. Does this testimonial sound too good to be true? Maybe, but if you call me at 480-345-0444, I will be glad to allay any doubts that you might have. Please note that I have been practicing P.I. law for 41 years. This service that I have been dependent on, has been one (1) of the few fifteen (15) second moments that I have had as a practicing lawyer.

Grab this opportunity while you can. Once again call me if you have any doubts. I can assure you that I am receiving no gifts for this testimonial. I am lucky to receive a steady flow of decent P.I. cases which I pay for."

Law Offices Of Brown & Arenofsky
Raymond F. Arenofsky, Managing Partner

"My firm’s Internet marketing program with IM Solutions, LLC has exceeded my original expectations. I especially appreciate the extra steps that they have built into their program so that conversions are easier for my firm to make. For example, when a inquiry is submitted to my firm, I receive the contact information immediately, and at the same time the potential client receives an email to keep them from looking for another avenue of help. These additional services are what sets IM Solutions, LLC far above the competition."
Law Office Of Lenard A. Cohen
Lenard A. Cohen Esq.

"I have been practicing law for 8 years, and have been a client of IM Solutions, LLC for 3 years. IM Solutions, LLC has proven to be one of the best programs I’ve found to bring new and high quality clients into my firm. Their attention to detail and willingness to listen to our needs is extremely important to our company, and I have been very impressed with my experience so far."
Keegan and Flanagan, LLP
Joseph Keegan, Esq.

"I am really happy with the IMS program. Their customer service has been very responsive and fair. The leads have been steady and I have now been with them for over 2 years with no complaints."
Kuvara Law Firm
Neal Kuvara

"We have used IM Solutions, LLC for approximately two years. Initially, I was skeptical that it would provide valid inquiries, but the documentation and presentation persuaded me to give it a try. I am glad that I was persuaded. They provide a continuous intake of potential inquiries at a reasonable cost, which is critical to any Personal Injury Attorney. They have been helpful and responsive to our needs. I would recommend their services and would be happy to discuss their services at anytime."
Stanley Law Offices
Joseph P. Stanley, Esq.

"Thanks to the efforts of IM Solutions LLC, the Internet marketing program they developed has helped us grow our practice tremendously. There isn’t a day that goes by without our firm receiving a number of inquiries. I am happy to report that these inquiries have resulted in dozens of cases generated. Not only has the return on our investment been tremendous, but, working with IM Solutions LLC has been a wonderful experience. I find that they are constantly looking for ways to upgrade and improve our Internet legal marketing and increase our Internet traffic. I can honestly say, that at each and every turn, they have not only been correct in their assessment, but have truly been our partners, always looking out for our best interest. Our firm is portrayed professionally and our marketing has been well received by the public as well as other legal professionals. I would highly recommend that anyone interested in improving their legal marketing through the Internet consider the services of IM Solutions LLC".
Stewart G. Greenberg, Attorney at Law

"I have been using Internet Marketing Solutions for a number of years. They have done a wonderful job providing us with marketing services for my law practice on the internet. They thoroughly understand the marketing needs of attorneys and work with you to achieve your marketing goals. Our marketing efforts through Internet Marketing Solutions have resulted in a significant number of good, solid cases. I would highly recommend the company to any attorney who is looking to market their law practice on the internet and want to use a professional and effective group to handle the marketing. They are honest, caring professionals who truly deliver results."
The Katz Law Firm
Robert Katz

"I have worked with IM Solutions LLC for several years now. They have been responsive to our needs and gentle on our budget. Our web presence has consistently brought in a large part of our active case load. They also provide ongoing advice and services to allow us to stay ahead of the competition".
William H. Lawson, Attorney at Law

"We have been using IM Solutions for a short period of time. The staff is easy to work with and have made every effort to ensure our success. This partnership has made an immediate impact on our business. IM Solutions delivers qualified opportunities that are ready to work with us, allowing us to capture more customers and aggressively grow our business."
Disability Help, Inc.
Crystal Williams, Director of Operations

"Our firm has been involved in legal marketing for 21 years. We can categorically state, without reservation, that our association with IM Solutions has proven to be the best advertising experience we have had over the course of that time. The volume and quality of referrals from IM Solutions far exceed that of any other organization with which we have been affiliated. By dealing with IM Solutions, we can devote all our time and energy to the successful representation of our clients."
Fleming, Greenwald & Associates
Janis Plaskoff, Marketing Director

"I had been struggling with my new Social Security practice. I met IM Solutions at an event and followed up with them as well as several other vendors. After talking to them, all I can say is "Wow"! The staff from the owners down have been the most responsive and innovative people I have worked with. In a matter of weeks my intakes soared. No one can touch the quality of their traffic. Their client service is extraordinary. If you are looking for a economical and efficient way of building your business, you need to call IM Solutions immediately before your competition does."
Greg Jones & Associates, P.A.
Greg Jones

"We have been using IM Solutions, LLC for our marketing needs for almost a year and we are very pleased with the result.

From the beginning it was evident that this is a professional and well run operation. The staff has been knowledgeable, professional and helpful with all aspects of our interactions.

We run a very busy Social Security Disability law office, and the contacts generated by IM Solutions, LLC have indeed been helpful in building our current client list. They understand the unique requirements in contact generation for our particular legal field.

IM Solutions, LLC has developed great questions for a survey of potential clients. Their pre-screening efforts gather critical information that helps us better target prospective clients and weed out non-prospective contacts. The immediate information format allows us to contact the best contacts more quickly without wasting time and money on non-productive contacts.

With IMS we feel we get the best out of our marketing dollars."

Law Office of Patrick K. B. Tracy
Ellen Tracy

"Our firm has worked with IM Solutions for probably 8-10 years. It has been one of our more effective methods for marketing for cases. IM Solutions has done a great job working with us over the years and eliminating spam-type cases. Whenever there is a question about a specific lead, Dave Cooke, John Emerick, and the staff have been more than cooperative. We highly recommend IM Solutions – except in Alabama of course."
Lewis, Feldman & Lehane
John E. Lewis, Esq.

"It has been a pleasure working with IM Solutions, LLC and we are very happy with the online inquiries they have provided us with. Their online database is incredibly user-friendly and the customer service has been exceptional. The tremendous services provided by IM Solutions, LLC have been a great source of generating a supplemental client base."
Markhoff & Mittman

"Our firm has been working with IMS for almost a year now. I would strongly recommend this company for two simple reasons. Number One, the significant number of leads they are able to provide and Number Two, the quality of those leads. We have worked with other referral services and these other services simply cannot match the volume that IMS can provide. IMS has allowed our company to expand to levels that would normally have taken us several years. I also would recommend IMS because of the customer services. They have been very easy to work with and always available for any questions, comments or suggestions."
Midwest Disability
Thomas A. Klint, Managing Partner

"I’ve been practicing in the Social Security Disability industry for quite some time, and have never worked with another marketing firm that could deliver the results that I have received with IM Solutions, LLC. The ROI that their program produces is better than I have had with not just other Internet marketing firm, but with any other kind of marketing firm in the past. Their staff is very professional and I have received nothing but great customer service from every employee I have spoken with. I don’t consider IM Solutions, LLC to be just an Internet marketing effort I use, but an integral part of my firms growth and success. I would recommend this company to anyone."
Segar & Sciortino
Steven A. Segar Esq.

"Being relatively new to the disability area, despite having 30 years of lawyering, in order to increase my disability portfolio, I have now experimented with TV, billboards, and also several other internet providers.

I’ve now eliminated all but IM Solutions.

I was at the disability conference in Baltimore earlier this year when I first met the folks at IM. One of there clients was at their "booth", and jokingly stated to me “Be careful of what you wish for”. He was correct. They are the real deal.

I signed on for 200 leads per month, and they are coming through as promised. I now spend half of my time just calling new leads, and many are excellent."

Tabak Law, LLC
Attorney Fred Tabak

"At this point, I have been working with IM Solutions for two years. By the end of year three, I will have paid IM Solutions $400,000.00 for marketing. You have been worth every penny of it."
Underwood Law Office, Inc.
Mark Forest Underwood

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