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IM Solutions, LLC has been providing Internet marketing services specifically to the legal profession since 1999.
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Why Internet Advertising For Your Law Firm?

The explosion of Internet and search engine marketing is a familiar story at this point. It is important, nonetheless, to consider that 92% of Web consumers use search engines to shop and buy, according to an NPD Group Study. That figure certainly includes services like legal representation. As the Internet becomes more and more popular, the traditional forms of advertising, such as Yellow Pages and TV, are becoming less and less competitive.

Traditional advertising outlets including the television, radio, and other print advertisement outlets (magazines, newspapers, etc.) can still be effective, but they can’t duplicate the unique qualities and precision of Internet advertising.

Disadvantages of Mass Market Advertising
  • High Cost. Yellow pages, TV and radio hit large audiences, and you pay for that privilege. Unfortunately, only a tiny percentage of those people may be potential customers.
  • Low Precision. Mass market advertising relies on blasting your message to a huge number of
    people – only a tiny percentage of which may be interested in your services. Most mass market advertising is junky and white noise to most recipients.
  • Passive. The potential clients often are not in an active mode when the advertising reaches them. So, even a potential client may not take advantage of the ad.
  • Indeterminate Results. It is almost impossible to know if your advertising dollars are giving you the proper return on investment (ROI).
  • Blunt Instrument. Very little detail about your firm or your services can be provided using mass marketing.
Advantages of Internet Marketing
  • Reasonable Cost. With our system, you only pay for actual responses.
  • High Precision. Our ads and sites are targeted to match the specific search requests of the Internet user. If someone searches for a “personal injury attorney in Chicago,” then we provide them a personal injury site that is applicable to Chicago.
  • Active. People searching on the Internet are actively searching. They have pens and paper and printers and phones at the ready because they already know they have a need and they are trying to fulfill it.
  • Measurable Results. We provide access to all historical results so that you can review them to see which ad responses resulted in paying clients.
  • Precision Instrument. You only receive ad responses for the practice areas and geographical locations that you specify.
Special Advantages of IM Solutions
  • No Contractual Obligations. We deliver results, not hype. If you are not satisfied with the service, you can cancel at any time.
  • Precision Responses. If you sign up for personal injury, you won’t get medical malpractice and workers’ compensation responses. We give you what you want, not what we need to get rid of.
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