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IM Solutions, LLC has been providing Internet marketing services specifically to the legal profession since 1999.
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How IM Solutions Attorney Marketing Services Work

IM Solutions, LLC will deliver results to your law firm, or we won’t get paid. That is different than a lot of the other law firm marketing companies you may have tried in the past.

What We Do
IM Solutions, LLC maintains Web-based Internet systems to furnish ad responses to our attorney-clients from people who may be interested in hiring an attorney. Ad responses are available real-time on a Web-based database. They are sent by e-mail to attorney-clients immediately upon submission. We provide advertising and marketing services. We are compensated based on the effectiveness of the advertising results. We are not an attorney referral service, and we do not collect fees based upon whether or not the ad responses result in paying clients or cases.

Pricing and effectiveness are measured on a per-inquiry basis of responses that meet company criteria. Prices are agreed upon prior to commencement of services and vary based on practice area and geographical region.

Billing is monthly. An account deposit is required and is generally intended to be in the amount of 45 days of average billing. The deposit is refundable upon closure of the account, assuming all other financial matters are in good standing.

IM Solutions, LLC warrants that the responses will be obtained on a good-faith basis using our proprietary means, and they will conform to the attorney-client geographical and practice area requirements. Ad responses are sent to one attorney-client only.

IM Solutions, LLC minimizes the number of attorneys in any given geographical region and practice area combination to the least possible number, or generally one or two clients per market. We never send ad responses to more than one attorney.

  • E-mail delivery of responses is not guaranteed; database delivery is to be the basis for billing.
  • Pricing is subject to change based on market conditions.
  • IM Solutions, LLC cannot guarantee how many, if any, responses will result in paying clients for the client.
  • IM Solutions, LLC cannot guarantee quantity of responses or the rate at which they are delivered.
  • IM Solutions, LLC does not screen responses and only reviews responses for the purposes of improving or analyzing performance of the systems.
Client Obligations
The attorney-client has a duty to review responses in the database and to provide dispute requests on a timely basis and based upon company criteria for valid disputes.

Term of Service
The attorney-client has the right to cancel services at any time. We never hold a client hostage to an agreement that he or she feels is not in their interest to continue. IM Solutions, LLC maintains the right to cancel services at any time.

Special Conditions
Upon request and the showing of interest in opening an account, a detailed terms and conditions sheet is provided for review.

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