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Q: Do I get ad responses exclusively or do other lawyers get the same ones? A: Responses to advertising are given to one client and one client only. Back To Top
Q: Where do the ad responses come from? A: Ad responses are generated by our network of legal portals that are free for public use. These portals are designed to help the public find legal services nationwide. Back To Top
Q: When do I receive the ad responses? A: Ad responses are delivered to the email addresses that you provide us with immediately upon the online form being submitted. We also provide our clients with direct and secure database access to retrieve inquiries online. This is especially useful in the event you are traveling or if your email happens to be interrupted. You can also use this feature for reporting, retrieving past contacts, etc. Back To Top
Q: What questions are people asked? A: We have combined our knowledge with each field of practice and feedback from our clients in order to develop our form questions. Our forms are geared to supply our clients with the highest quality inquiries as possible, and many of our forms are geared to filter out potential claims that we know would not meet standard practice area requirements. Back To Top
Q: What is a "qualified" ad response? A: There is different criteria that we establish to determine what qualifies an ad response (one that we charge for). Examples of ad responses that are not considered billable are any contact other than those seeking information regarding legal services pertaining to your specific practice areas and regions. For example, student inquiries, employment inquiries, sales solicitations, duplicates sent through our system, tests, prank submissions, incident occurred outside your geography, non-practice area, invalid contact info (neither e-mail nor telephone number is correct) are examples of ad responses for which we allow credits. For instance, for our personal injury, medical malpractice and workers' compensation clients, we would not count:
  • No physical injury (We don't count emotional distress, someone wanting to sue spouse for emotional abuse, a suit against a vet for their pet's care, fly in my soup, etc...).
  • Sales solicitations.
  • Pranks (As a prank, someone filled out another person's information without their knowledge or consent).
  • Duplicates sent through our system, such as two different sites we own (Not inquiries that have previously contacted client or have contacted through other marketing means).
  • Tests.
  • Confirmed invalid contact information (this doesn't mean the person didn't answer the phone or failed to respond, it means their e-mail wasn't provided or bounced back AND any telephone information was confirmed to be invalid).
  • Contact from outside of your geography or practice area (meaning the injury didn't occur in your geographic region, or it was family law, criminal defense, etc. instead of your practice area).
  • Employment inquiries.
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Q: Do you pre-screen the ad responses? A: Although we set up the questions asked in such a way as to minimize junk inquiries and weed out potential mistakes by the inquirer, we do not manually pre-screen contacts. The reason for this is because we want you to receive the contact as soon as possible so you can get in touch with the people and stop them from continuing to shop your competitors for services. Back To Top
Q: What about privacy? A: We take the privacy of those individuals responding to your advertisements seriously. The information collected on respondents will not be shared with anyone for any reason. Rights to this information are exclusively yours. Back To Top
Q: How does your service affect my current web site or marketing? A: Not at all. Since we do not use your website to promote your services, our marketing for you is entirely independent of your site and other Internet marketing initiatives and can also be tracked entirely separate to evaluate and compare our success. Back To Top
Q: What type of contract or commitment do you require? A: Currently we do not require a long term commitment. We know that as long as we keep delivering quality results, you'll keep doing business with us. Back To Top
Q: What forms of payment do you accept? A: We currently accept checks, direct bank wire transfers, and Visa, Mastercard and AMEX. Back To Top
Q: How am I billed? A: Each month we invoice you for the number of quality ad responses you have received to replenish your deposit. Invoices are sent by e-mail along with statements for any past due balances. Back To Top
Q: How much do I need to deposit to start? A: To get started we only collect a deposit equal to an estimated 45 days ad response delivery. Once you provide us with the states, practice areas and counties you would like, we will provide you with a quote. Back To Top
Q: How much does it cost for each ad response? A: Several factors are taken into account when determining price per ad response. Some of these are competitiveness, region, practice area and the volume of advertising you do with our company. However, we price ad responses to secure your long-term business, and we are highly competitive. Contact us for a price quote. Back To Top
Q: How do I sign up? A: We will e-mail you an agreement and a series of questions that will help us to program our database. Once we receive your affirmation, your advertising campaign will begin. Back To Top
Q: How long does it take to get started? A: Just as soon as we nail down the available counties and practice areas you would like to receive, set a price per ad response for them, calculate a pre-pay deposit toward ad response and invoice you, we can get started putting your information into our system. It is very realistic to begin receiving ad responses within 24-48 hours of signing up. Back To Top
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